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Finance Director – Eva Cisneros


Annual Financial Reports

Audit Report FYE 2015       Audit Report Statement Exhibit C-2 FYE 2015
Audit Report FYE 2014       Audit Report Statement Exhibit C-2 FYE 2014

Audit Report FYE 2013        Audit Report Statement Exhibit C-2 FYE 2013
Audit Report FYE 2012        Audit Report Statement Exhibit C-2 FYE 2012
Audit Report FYE 2011        Audit Report Statement Exhibit C-2 FYE 2011
Audit Report FYE 2010        Audit Report Statement Exhibit C-2 FYE 2010

Budget Summary Reports

Proposed Budget FFY 2017/1

Proposed Budget FFY 2016/17          Adopted Budget FFY 2016/17     Excel
Proposed Budget FFY 2015/16          Adopted Budget FFY 2015/16     Excel
Proposed Budget FFY 2014/15          Adopted Budget FFY 2014/15     Excel
Proposed Budget FFY 2013/14          Adopted Budget FFY 2013/14
Proposed Budget FFY 2012/13          Adopted Budget FFY 2012/13
Proposed Budget FFY 2011/12          Adopted Budget FFY 2011/12
Proposed Budget FFY 2010/11          Adopted Budget FFY 2010/11
Proposed Budget FFY 2009/10          Adopted Budget FFY 2009/10

2015-2016 General Fund Financial Charts
General Fund Revenue Only
General Fund Expenditures Only    
Combined Budget Summary of Revenue
Tax Rate Reflecting Last 10 Years


Annual Check Registers:
Accounts Payable FY   2017 /2016 /2015
2014 2013 / 2012 
Payroll Fund  FY        2017 / 2016 /201520142013 / 2012                                         

Monthly Check Registers:
Accounts Payable       
Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug

Payroll Fund                Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug

Beeville ISD Receives Superior Ratings on FIRST Report

Annual Financial and Compliance Report - Update 14

Debt Information - All series are for building upgrades and repairs.

Debt Transparency

Bond Election Pledge-Beeville ISD does not have a proposed bond package, therefore we do not have a bond issue.




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