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2021-2022 Beeville ISD COVID-19 Safety Protocols


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As of May 16, 2022

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Face Coverings

Beeville ISD remains committed to the safety and well-being of our students and staff. BISD highly recommends all students, staff, and visitors wear a mask. Masks are used to cover both the nose and mouth for the purpose of forming a barrier to droplets or airborne particles that are coughed, sneezed, or exhaled when talking. Masks are also meant to protect both the wearer of the face-covering and surrounding individuals.

Remote Conferencing (Virtual Learning)

The Texas Education Agency recently released new guidance for school districts. This guidance includes how to address absences due to COVID-19. Among other preparations, we are actively making plans to offer remote conferencing starting the week of August 30th as an instructional option for our students who are unable to attend school due to temporary medical-related conditions. Remote conferencing is a Texas Education Agency-approved method of instruction for students who meet certain requirements. 

Two requirements must be met: 

(one of the following)

  • Positive test from a doctor
  • Named close contact by family member
  • Documentation from the doctor stating they have a communicable disease and must remain in the hospital or at home         
  • -AND- 
  • Total amount of remote conferencing instruction does not exceed more than 20 instructional days over the entirety of the 2021-2022 school year. 

One of the following requirements also must be met: 

  • Student’s temporary medical condition is documented by a physician licensed to practice in the United States
  • Documentation must include a statement from the physician that the student is to remain confined to their home or to a hospital. 
  • Student is being excluded from on campus attendance because of a test result, formal diagnosis or suspicion of having a communicable conditions as outlined in 25 TAC §97.7. Texas Administrative Code (
  • Student has been identified as having been in close contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Click here to request remote conferencing.

Per Gov. Abbott's order, BISD cannot require students or staff to get vaccinated. However, the CDC does recommend students and staff who are eligible to receive the vaccine should do so. At this time, the State of Texas has not added the COVID-19 vaccination to the required immunization list for students. BISD will continue to offer opportunities to get the vaccine through COVID-19 vaccine clinics throughout the school year.

COVID-19 Reporting/Tracking

We ask parents and employees to report confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 to the school district. Close contact reviews will not take place for staff and students. Positive cases are updated every Monday on the district’s COVID-19 Dashboard.


Parents should report positive cases to the school nurse. As provided in this Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Rule, school systems must exclude students from attending school in person who are actively sick with COVID-19, who are suspected of being actively sick with COVID-19, or who have received a positive test result for COVID-19, and must immediately notify parents if this is determined while on campus.


Employees should report positive cases to their campus/direct supervisor. Campus/department supervisors will immediately notify the Chief of Police/ Emergency Management Coordinator.

COVID-19 Positive Cases


If a student has a confirmed case of COVID-19 or is living in the same household as someone who has tested positive, please contact the school nurse. Please do not send symptomatic or sick students to school. Beeville ISD school nurses will continue to send students home who have a fever, diarrhea, are vomiting, have lost sense of taste or smell, or display significant symptoms of illness.


If a staff member has a confirmed case of COVID-19, please contact your campus/direct supervisor. Staff members should not report to work if they are sick or symptomatic.



As provided in this Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Rule, school systems must exclude students from attending school in person who are actively sick with COVID-19, who are suspected of being actively sick with COVID-19, or who have received a positive test result for COVID-19, and must immediately notify parents if this is determined while on campus.

Parents must ensure they do not send a child to school on campus if the child has COVID-19 symptoms or is test-confirmed with COVID-19, until the conditions for re-entry are met. See the DSHS rule for more details, including the conditions for ending the exclusion period and returning to school.

According to the CDC, in a K–12 indoor classroom setting, being in close contact does not include students who were within 3 to 6 feet of an infected student (laboratory-confirmed or a clinically compatible illness) if both the infected student and the exposed student(s) correctly and consistently wore well-fitting masks the entire time.


According to the CDC, in a K–12 indoor classroom setting, rules for students being in close contact do not apply to teachers, staff, or other adults in the indoor classroom setting.



If a student must isolate after testing positive for COVID-19, the school/teacher will implement the following:

  • The teacher will work with the student and parent to provide Remote Conferencing and make-up work to the student
  • Teachers will utilize the appropriate learning management system (Google Classroom, TEAMS, Zoom, etc.) to provide students with work to be completed
  • The student will submit make-up work as noted in the student handbook (one school day per day of absence) after returning to school


Employees who test positive should reference the COVID-19 Board Resolution Letter sent to you via email. 

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Rapid Testing is Now Available at Your Child’s School

COVID-19 Rapid Tests are now available for all BISD students at your child's school. COVID-19 testing is OPTIONAL. Parent/guardian must be present during the COVID-19 test.

All parents received an email from Crisis Go with a link to register for COVID-19 rapid testing. Once registration through the Crisis Go link is completed, you will be able to request a COVID-19 Rapid Test with your school nurse. If you have any questions/need help, please call the District Nurse, Christina Hernandez, at 361-350-0441.  

COVID-19 Rapid Testing Requirements for Students 

  • Parent/guardians of minor students must give consent via the Crisis Go portal. (A registration link will be sent to your email.)  
  • A parent/guardian of minor student MUST be present during the COVID test. 
  • COVID test results will be sent to your email. 

To request a test: 

  • Complete and submit the Crisis Go COVID test registration link. This will be emailed to you.   
  • Then, complete the ‘BISD COVID-19 Test Request’ through the Google form located here: 
  • Wait for the school nurse to contact you.  

Visitors & Meetings
Visitors will only be allowed on campus by appointment with the appropriate school contact (i.e. teacher, counselor, administrator, etc). Scheduled school related functions and events will be hosted and communicated by the campus.


No lunch or other deliveries will be allowed in BISD schools at this time. We ask that parents/guardians refrain from sending any items to schools in an effort to keep faculty, staff and students safe while preventing the spread of COVID-19. Items will not be delivered to students or staff as a precautionary measure. Also note, no parent/visitors will be allowed to visit or sit with students during lunchtime.

Cleaning/Sanitation Protocols
Frequent cleaning and disinfection will support a healthy learning and work environment for students and staff. BISD will continue with cleaning and sanitization protocols in its buildings and campuses. Sanitization stations (including disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer) will remain throughout all buildings. The District has Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available for students or staff upon request. 

Extra- and Co-Curricular Activities
All extra- and co-curricular activities will resume. Students and spectators are required to wear a mask indoors.

Resources & Support
As we transition to a less restrictive learning environment with 100% capacities in our schools, Beeville ISD is committed to supporting our students and staff in their learning and working environments. For social-emotional support, please contact your school counselor.

TEA COVID-19 Public Health Guidance & Orders

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)