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Contact A Site/Campus Director

Site Directors Office Hours

Contact Information

Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

705 N. Tyler Street

Beeville, Texas 78102

Contact Phone: (361) 362-6010


FMC Elementary – ACE Site Director

Sheryl Ferguson

Phone: (361) 354-3036

E-mail Address:


RA Hall Elementary –ACE Site Director

Gracie Botello

Phone: (361) 362-7412

Email Address:


Thomas Jefferson Intermediate School – ACE Site Director

Janell Belcher

Phone: (361) 319-6710

E-mail Address:


Moreno Junior High School – ACE Site Director

Roel Banda

Phone: (361) 355-1454

E-mail Address:


AC Jones High School - ACE Site Director

Danny Garcia

Phone: (361) 542-1593

E-mail Address:

If you cannot reach someone at the individual campuses please contact the ACE Main Offices @ (361) 362-6010 so we can further assist.