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Phone and Voice Mail Setup

Phone and Voice Mail Setup

BISD utilizes a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system. VoIP defines a way to carry voice calls over an IP network including the digitization and packetization of the voice streams. IP Telephony utilizes the VoIP standards to create a telephony system where higher level features such as advanced call routing, voice mail, contact centers, etc., can be utilized.

Associated with VoIP is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) provided by Spectrum. SIP is a peer-to-peer, multimedia signaling protocol developed to reuse existing IP protocols to provide media setup and teardown. SIP has generated a high level of interest in the VoIP industry, and many people believe that SIP will become the de facto standard protocol for future voice networks.

Cisco Desk Phone Quick Reference Sheets

8800 Series 

7965 Model 

7945 Model 

Instructions on how to set up your voice mail


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