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Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips


If you are experiencing computer trouble, please follow these steps:

1. Check that all cables are plugged in securely. This means at both ends not just at the machine. Also, check the monitor cables. DO NOT UNPLUG CABLES. If you are using a cart, check that the plugs on the cart and on the wall are working.

2. If the computer will still not turn on, locate the serial number. Please do not report monitor numbers, SO numbers, or model numbers. The serial number is plainly written on the back of the tower or on the top of new models.

3. Submit information. Every technology request must be approved by your principal or Administrator so please submit to campus contact first.


4. Plug computers into land cable when all is possible to get updates for computers.


5. Log into district computer at least once a month for account will not be locked.


6. Don’t open email attachment from sender you don’t know.


Saving your Projector and Document Camera Bulbs

1. Always allow your projector to cool down after you shut if off by letting the fan run until it shuts off automatically. Then you may unplug it from the electrical outlet.


2. Pay attention to the temperature light. When it comes on, you should submit a tech request to have the filter cleaned. Do not ignore this light. Your bulb may overheat and explode prematurely.


3. Most bulbs have a life of 200 or so hours. If your machine turns down before that, it may need to be sent in to the manufacturer for warranty repair or to be replaced.


4. Always be gentle with any equipment in your room. A bump or jolt can damage bulbs, hard drives or lenses.

Tips for following the AUP

1. Never share your password. Remind students to keep their password secret also. If you feel like a password has been compromised, immediately change password and for TXEIS notify your PEIMS Coordinator clerk so that she can change the password.


2. Remember: The internet is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! If you knowingly let a student use it to listen to music, play games, or surf, then you are impeding other students from educational access to the internet.


Scanning your document or documents and having them sent to your email is very quick and efficient


1. Press the silver Services Home button on the left side of machine.
2. Press the email icon on the touch screen.
3. Begin typing in recipient's first name then press search. A list of available names will be shown. 
4. Choose the name of the person who will receive the email or type email address

5. Put the document(s) in the document feeder. If you must put your document on the glass, only 1 page can be scanned at a time.
6. Press the start (green) button on right side of machine.
7. When done press the clear all (yellow) button on the right side of machine.
8. Now check your email to find your document(s). 

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