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Vendor Information

The District's purchasing of goods and services is governed by federal, state and local Board Policy.

Purchases with federal funds shall be made in accordance with the EDGAR regulations, state purchasing laws, School Board Policy and the District's State and Federal Grants Manual. Purchases with state and local funds shall be made in accordance with state purchasing laws, School Board Policy and the District's Fiscal Manual.

All vendors shall complete the District's Vendor Application form and required documents. In addition, the vendors shall submit Conflict of Interest and Disclosure of Interested Parties forms, as appropriate.

To increase efficiency and effectiveness, the District participates in numerous interlocal agreements for purchasing cooperatives with other local governments and with state agencies. A list of the purchasing cooperatives and their respective web links are posted below.

Purchasing Cooperatives:

            Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Buy Board

            DIR- Department of Information Resources

            Goodbuy- Purchasing Program of the ESC Region 2

            TCPN- The Cooperative Purchasing Network

            TIPS- The Interlocal Purchasing System

            Choice Partners

            PACE – Purchasing Association of Cooperative Entities

            Tx Smart Buy - Texas Comptroller Site

Vendor Packets

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire Form-CIQ

Local Government Officer Conflicts Disclosure Statement Form- CIS