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Accounts Payable


Requisitions are approved on Tuesdays and purchase orders are printed on Wednesdays. Please be sure the order is attached to your requisition and Central Supply receives a copy. Secretaries need to remind supervisors to approve their requisitions on time. Anything approved and submitted after Tuesday will be processed on the next P.O. run.


Requisitions for travel reimbursements MUST be submitted before the travel has occurred.


Use of FEDERAL FUNDS requires a pre-acquisition approval form signed by all required administrators and back up documentation before a requisition can be entered into the financial system.


Requisitions for open purchase orders:

For open PO’s to our local vendors, please type in the month in the description area of the requisition (i.e. January Open PO). Any PO’s that do not have a specified month will be closed at the end of the current month in which the PO was opened. 


If you are unsure on how much to open your requisition for remember that it is always better to overestimate than to be short. Review a history of your invoices on a monthly basis and make an estimate based on that information.



When entering requisitions please add an estimate of the shipping/freight charges. Too many invoices have come through over the P.O. amount and the difference is mostly due to shipping/freight. 


When placing orders please make sure the vendor ships to Central Supply and bills Administration. DO NOT SHIP TO THE CAMPUS! 



Any returns or replacements need to go through Ruth at Central Supply; no exceptions.  


Purchase Orders: 

Purchase orders cannot be released without receipt of supporting documentation (i.e. pre-acquisition, quote, travel form, etc.). Any PO’s previously held will be printed on the next PO run or during any downtime.



Invoices should never be attached to requisitions. Services and purchases should not be received until after a PO has been generated, NEVER BEFORE. Receiving purchases and services before the PO is approved is representative of failure to follow district policy.

Responsibility for Debts (CH Local) 

The Board shall assume responsibility for debts incurred in the name of the District so long as those debts are for purchases made in accordance with the adopted budget, state law, Board policy, and the District’s purchasing procedures. [See CE] The Board shall not be responsible for debts incurred by persons or organizations not directly under Board control. Persons making unauthorized purchases shall assume full responsibility for all such debts.

New Vendors: 

If you are requesting a new vendor, please visit the purchasing page. Vendors must be pre-approved and complete the vendor packet.



Check runs are biweekly on Thursdays. Supporting documentation for checks must be received no later than the Monday before the check run. Any backup received after Monday will be set aside until the next check run.  

Any checks processed will be mailed out the same day. Hand delivered checks will be sent to the campus on Friday. If a check is needed by, a specific date, please considers the following: 

·       When the next check run is..

·       When the next PO run is… 

·       When the supporting documentation will be approved and submitted… 


Travel Reimbursements and Per Diem - Documentation for all travel must be submitted within 7 days upon returning. Documentation submitted must include: 

·       proof of attendance 

·       original receipts (hotel, parking, fares, etc.) 

·       statement of expense 


Finance Deadlines: 

The Finance Department deadlines calendar is available on the Finance Department page. Please review the calendar regularly for unexpected changes.