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Accounts Payable

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Requisitions for open purchase orders

For open PO’s to our local vendors, please type in the time frame in the description area of the requisition (i.e. January Open PO).  The open purchase order amount should be for the estimated amount of the time frame requested.  Please note all open purchase orders will encumber the department budgeted funds until liquidated or closed. 



When entering requisitions please add an estimate of the shipping/freight charges.   All orders must be shipped to Central Supply unless pre-arranged with the Purchasing Director for a campus or department shipment.  Campus and departments are not allowed to have direct shipment and no personal home deliveries are allowed.  


New Vendors

If you are requesting a new vendor, please visit the purchasing page. Vendors must be pre-approved and complete the vendor packet. 


Purchase Orders

Purchase orders orders cannot be be released without receipt of the requisition and any back-up documentation (required quotes).  Requisitions are approved daily by Finance and purchase orders are emailed upon approval to the Requestor. 



Invoices should never be attached to requisitions. Services and purchases should not be received until after a PO has been generated.  Receiving purchases and services before the PO is approved is representative of failure to follow district policy.

Responsibility for Debts (CH Local) 

The Board shall assume responsibility for debts incurred in the name of the District so long as those debts are for purchases made in accordance with the adopted budget, state law, Board policy, and the District’s purchasing procedures. [See CE] The Board shall not be responsible for debts incurred by persons or organizations not directly under Board control. Persons making unauthorized purchases shall assume full responsibility for all such debts.


Finance Check Processing

The Finance Department processes checks weekly on Thursdays and at times when there is an emergent need for students or staff services.  Proper planning by all staff is required for seamless processes.  Please contact the CFO with any special requests. 

Please send an email to with any special requests for check processing –

  • Mail by a certain date
  • Need to pick up
  • Send to the campus



Any returns or replacements need to go through Central Supply. No exceptions.