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Immunization Requirements TDSHS Letter To Parents


2018-2019 State Immunization Requirements for School Enrollment.

ALL STUDENTS must show proof of up-to-date immunization status, and/or submit an ORIGINAL, unexpired “Affidavit of Exemption for Reasons of Conscience” to the school PRIOR to enrolling.


Click HERE to learn more about immunization requirements and provisional enrollement. 


Immunization Requirements for Pre K students

2018-2019 K-12th grade immunization requirement

Frequently Asked Questions About School Admittance:

  • What is provisional enrollment?

Provisional enrollment is a component of the rules adopted by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) for the minimum immunization requirements for school entry. Provisional enrollment allows a student meeting certain specific criteria to be admitted to school on a temporary basis for up to 30 days. During this 30-day period, the parent is responsible for ensuring that the student receives the necessary vaccine(s) as fast as is medically feasible, and/or providing a complete and current immunization record to the school. Texas schools are also responsible for ensuring that immunization records are sent to requesting Texas schools within the 30-day period.

  • Can a child without an immunization record be enrolled provisionally if they are not homeless, are not transferring from a Texas school or are not progressing towards obtaining immunizations as fast as is medically feasible?

No. The child must obtain the first doses of the required vaccines and then they can be admitted provisionally as long as they are progressing towards receiving the remaining required vaccines as fast as is medically feasible.

Vaccination Deficiencies

  • What if a child does not have all his or her shots up-to-date prior to starting school?

The student will be required to receive the necessary vaccinations in order to enroll or start school. If the student has started the series and is on schedule, he or she can enroll provisionally until it is medically feasible to receive the next vaccine dose.

  • What do parents or guardians need to show as proof that their child has started the vaccine series needed?

Acceptable documentation of immunizations is any record of immunizations validated by a physician or his/her designee, or public health personnel. The record must show the month, day, and year when each immunization was received.

  • What if the student is more than a year delinquent for a vaccine? Can this student be allowed to attend school provisionally at the beginning of a new school year?

No. If more than the maximum amount of time to receive the next dose has expired, the student cannot attend school until he/she received the required dose.

  • Where can parents take their children to get the required immunizations?

Parents should contact their children's physician. Alternatively, they can contact their local health department or the nearest DSHS Health Service Regional Office for information.

The Texas Department of Health- Beeville Office, will be open normal business hours during Summer 2018, and are available to provide required school immunizations. You may contact their office at the address and phone number listed below for more information. 

Texas Department of State Health Services

  1800 S. Washington St.

  Beeville, Texas 78102

  Ph# (361) 362-6162 


Exemptions click for more information


Texas Vaccination Rules

  • Can DSHS adopt rules that would prohibit a student from being admitted into a school?

Yes. Admission to a school is not allowed until records are produced showing (1) that the child has been immunized in accordance with the rules; (2) the child has an exemption from immunization requirements on file with the school in accordance with the rules; or (3) that the child is entitled to provisional enrollment.


Information about the ImmTrac2 Registry

ImmTrac2, the Texas Immunization Registry, is a no-cost service offered by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). It is a secure and confidential registry available to all Texans. ImmTrac2 safely consolidates and stores immunization information from multiple sources electronically in one centralized system. Texas law requires written consent for ImmTrac2 participation and limits access to the registry to only those individuals who have been authorized by law. ImmTrac2 contains over 120 million immunization records and continues to rapidly grow with increased participation.

The immunization information in ImmTrac2 is provided by a variety of sources, including private health-care providers, pharmacies, public health clinics, Medicaid claims administrators, and the Vital Statistics Unit (VSU). Regardless of the number of sources, each client’s immunization information is consolidated into one electronic record. Authorized professionals such as doctors, nurses, and public health providers can access clients’ vaccination histories.

The registry is a major component of the DSHS initiative to increase vaccine coverage across Texas.

For the latest information, please visit the ImmTrac2 webpage.  

To access the ImmTrac2 portal, please visit the ImmTrac2 Portal Webpage.