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Inventory Forms & Guide

Inventory Forms & Guide

*Please print using legal size paper*

Central Supply Inventory Procedures

INV-3  Inventory Transfer Form

INV-4  Delete from Inventory Form

INV-4L  Deleted Library Books Form


The Central Supply Department maintains accurate and current data on equipment campus-wide and provides the school/dept. with information regarding their assets.


These procedures assist Central Supply in carrying out the responsibilities regarding the accountability for school/dept. equipment:

  • Tagging newly purchased equipment (assigning an inventory number on asset) 
  • Reporting of changes in equipment status. (ex. Deletion: INV-4, Transfer: INV-3)


Tagging Policy:

Maintaining a positive identification of assets is the primary purpose of tagging.  A tag number is attached or assigned to equipment (Electronics, AV, Furniture, ect..) for inventory and identification purposes. 

  Tagging is important to:

  • Provide an accurate method of identifying individual assets
  • Provide a common ground of communication between Central Supply Dept. and assets’ users
  • Locating fixed assets within district


Each campus/dept. is responsible for safeguarding all assets purchased for their campus/dept. and assisting with the inventory process. The Central Supply Dept. will tag equipment that is received through our department and listed on a P.O. If equipment/furniture is received direct to campus/dept., it is the campus/dept. responsibility to notify Central Supply of receipt, so items can be tagged.   It is also the Campus/Dept. responsibility to notify the Central Supply Dept. if they purchase and pick up any equipment (that needs to be tagged) from vendor.  Central Supply will need a copy of P.O., receipt, and description of equipment purchased.


Items that have been donated or received as gifts must also be tagged. Campus/dept. receiving the items are responsible for establishing the fair market value on the gift for reporting purposes. This applies to all schools/dept. and activities utilizing equipment purchased with state/grant funds, equipment furnished by sponsoring agencies (Booster Club Organizations, PTO)


Reporting changes in equipment status:

INV-3 Form (Transferring equipment):

Prior to changing the assigned location of any equipment within the district, an INV-3 form must be completed.  It only needs to be filled out if equipment is being transferred permanently to another campus/dept.  An INV-3 form is not needed, if equipment is relocated within campus/dept.


INV-4 Form (Deleting equipment):  

If a Campus/Dept. needs to have items deleted from inventory, they must fill out an INV-4 form and return form to Central Supply before any pick up of equipment can be made.  Once the INV-4 form is received by Central Supply, we will notify the Maintenance Dept. and they will schedule a pick up.  If Central Supply does not receive INV-4 form, equipment WILL NOT be picked up.

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