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Inventory Forms & Guide

Inventory Forms & Guide


2023-2024 INVENTORY LIST AS OF 2-22-2024



*Please print using legal size paper*

Central Supply Inventory Procedures


The Central Supply Department maintains accurate and current data on equipment campus-wide and provides the school/dept. with information regarding their assets.

These procedures assist Central Supply in carrying out the responsibilities regarding the accountability for school/dept. equipment:

  • Tagging newly purchased equipment (assigning an inventory number on asset) 
  • Reporting of changes in equipment status. (ex. Deletion: INV-4, Transfer: INV-3)


Tagging Policy:

Maintaining a positive identification of assets is the primary purpose of tagging.  A tag number is attached or assigned to equipment (Electronics, AV, Furniture, ect..) for inventory and identification purposes. 

  Tagging is important to:

  • Provide an accurate method of identifying individual assets
  • Provide a common ground of communication between Central Supply Dept. and assets’ users
  • Locating fixed assets within district

Each campus/dept. is responsible for safeguarding all assets purchased for their campus/dept. and assisting with the inventory process. The Central Supply Dept. will tag equipment that is received through our department and listed on a P.O. If equipment/furniture is received direct to campus/dept., it is the campus/dept. responsibility to notify Central Supply of receipt, so items can be tagged.   It is also the Campus/Dept. responsibility to notify the Central Supply Dept. if they purchase and pick up any equipment (that needs to be tagged) from vendor.  Central Supply will need a copy of P.O., receipt, and description of equipment purchased.

Items that have been donated or received as gifts must also be tagged. Campus/dept. receiving the items are responsible for establishing the fair market value on the gift for reporting purposes. This applies to all schools/dept. and activities utilizing equipment purchased with state/grant funds, equipment furnished by sponsoring agencies (Booster Club Organizations, PTO)

Reporting changes in equipment status:

 “A form should be devised for recording transfer of property from one department or location to another and furniture and equipment assigned to a particular department or location should not be transferred without the written approval of the person responsible for the physical control of the property. No item of furniture or equipment should be permitted to leave the assigned premises without a property pass signed by a proper authority (i.e., system property manager).” -Texas Education Agency - Resource Guide, page 98.


  1. Complete either an INV 4 (Deletion) or INV 3 (Transfer) Form
  2. Fill out ALL THE COLUMNS.  If there is no information put N/A in that block.
  3. Submit a Maintenance Ticket Online ATTACHING the form for maintenance.
  4. Make a COPY of the form for YOUR RECORDS.
  6. Once Maintenance and Central Supply receive the forms, Maintenance will then schedule a date to have things taken care of.


INV-3 Form (Transferring equipment):

Prior to changing the assigned location of any equipment within the district, an INV-3 form must be completed.  It only needs to be filled out if equipment is being transferred permanently to another campus/dept.  An INV-3 form is not needed, if equipment is relocated within campus/dept.


INV-4 Form (Deleting equipment):

If a Campus/Dept. needs to have items deleted from inventory, they must fill out an INV-4 form and return form to Central Supply before any pick up of equipment can be made.  Once the INV-4 form is received by Central Supply, we will notify the Maintenance Dept. and they will schedule a pick up.  If Central Supply does not receive INV-4 form, equipment WILL NOT be picked up.

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