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Nursing Health Services

Nursing is a work of heart“Keeping students healthy and safe, in class and ready to learn!”



Beeville ISD School Nurse Web Page 

Please use the navigation links throughout our website for more information regarding school registration, as well as links to download health forms you may need for your child.

Click the link below to learn more about:

  1. Medications in School
  2. Immunization Requirements for school Enrollment
  3. School Lunch Menus-Trojan Grill
  4. Head Lice prevention and Management
  5. Sick Day-Should my child go to school?

If you have any questions about your child’s school health you may contact your campus nurse, or the district nurse at 361-362-6060 extension 2430.


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School Year!



Read a letter from your school nurse about cold and Flu Season

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Medication Forms:

                            Parent Request for School To Administer Medication

                           Doctor Authorization to self administer Asthma or Anaphylaxis Medication

  • Emergency Action Plans- must be completed and signed by physician and parent

                            Seizure Action Plan

                            Allergy and Anaphylaxis Plan from

                            Asthma Action Plan

  • Health Data Collection FORMS- To be completed by parent and school nurse


                              Seizure Disorder

                              Allergy and Anaphylaxis

  • Other Health Related:

                    Letter- Possible Eye Infection

                    Medication Documentation Record for ROUTINE Medications

                    Medication Documentation Record for AS NEEDED Medications

                    Letter- Nurse Visit

                    Letter- Unable to Administer Medication

                    Letter- Missing Immunizaitons

                    Blood Glucose Monitoring Log

                    Head Injury Assessment Concussion Checklist

                    Letter- Sick Child

                    Letter- Skin Rash

                    Letter- Head Injury

                   Vision Referral

                   Hearing Referral


                   Record- Hearing screen

                   Record- Vision Screen

                   Spinal Screen Referral