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Solar Eclipse Safety

Posted Date: 08/17/2017

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Solar Eclipse Safety Information for Beeville ISD

August 17, 2017 - Beeville, Texas

Two very exciting events will be happening on Monday, August 21st. Not only will it be the start of the new school year for Beeville ISD students, but the United States will experience a Solar Eclipse from coast-to-coast for the first time in over 40 years.

Because the safety of our students and staff is always a top priority at Beeville ISD, we wanted to share a few precautions the District will be implementing to keep everyone safe. Our schools will make every effort to ensure that students remain indoors and away from windows during the time of the eclipse. A partial eclipse will become visible around 11:43 AM with maximum eclipse scheduled for 1:12 PM. This astral show will conclude at 2:40 PM.

Even though Beeville will not be directly under the path of the full eclipse, our community will still experience the magnificence of this celestial event as well as share in all of the medical risks due to improper viewing techniques.

Although we realize that this is an historical occasion, we would prefer to err on the part of safety rather than have a student sustain any temporary or permanent injury to their eyes. Some teachers may be viewing the eclipse with their students using their classroom computers or televisions. We are encouraging staff that if they watch the eclipse on-line, to do so watching the live feed from NASA at

We are also asking parents to use an abundance of caution while driving during the time of the eclipse, and to be especially careful in the parent pickup area at school to avoid distracted drivers, students, and pedestrians. Regular dismissal times will not be affected.


For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Bonnie Bomar, Executive Director for Learning & Innovation

Beeville Independent School District

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Beeville, TX 78102

(361) 358-7111

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